Archita Patnaik
Department of Chemistry

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Our primary research interest targeted at ‘Molecular Self-assembly and Functional Materials’, a discipline within disciplines, reflects radical new approaches to synthesis and processing of materials at structured interfaces, enabling higher functionality structures, pattern formation and devices. "Self-assembly is Creation and Creation manifests in Self-assembly". The Fibonacci Spirals on the Sunflower depict the Geometric Blue-Print of Evolution with juxtaposition of holistic Science expressed in Nature.

Through ab-initio electronic structure calculations, molecular modeling and molecular dynamics simulations, spectro-microscopy and nanoscale electrochemistry of transport-active donor-acceptor dyads, bifunctional Janus clusters and functional amphiphiles, our group’s research has culminated in bringing out a basic understanding of molecular-scale rectifiers and switches, nanoscale capacitors and structure and dynamics of stimuli-responsive, optoelectronically active molecular aggregates with varied curvature. In a restricted dimension, understanding and quantifying ‘Molecular Orientation’ in anisotropic monolayers of functional amphiphiles through real time polarization modulated and angle dependent spectroscopy enabled precise understanding of directed electron transport in bio-mimetic lipid-amino acid composite membranes.

Recent Indo - Japan Project: [No. DST/INT/JSPS/P-215/2016]

Title : 2D/3D Molecular Patterns over Broad Length Scales: Versatility in Molecular Synthesis, Chemistry at Interfaces, and Applications

Collaborator : Dr. Takashi Nakanishi
International Center for Materials Nanoelectronics
National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)